Advanced weather website

Advanced weather website
This package provides you with a domain name in the form where myweather is your choice of name, or you can use your own domain name. You get 500MB of web space, a personal control panel, umlimited POP3 mailboxes, FTP access and support for PHP and CGI scripts. Also included is full realtime website statistics.

You can choose to host on a Windows 2003 server which will also include support for ASP and SHTML or on a Linux based server including support for Perl. You also have the choice of upgrading this package to use a system that uses load balancing servers to serve your website from multiple servers simultaneously.

The price is for one years worth of hosting.

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Versions available:
Advanced hosting on a Windows 2003 server (per year) - advancehost-windows
Advanced hosting on a Linux server running Apache (per year) - advancehost-linux
Advanced hosting on load balanced Windows 2003 servers (per year) - advancehost-windows-lb
Advanced hosting on load balanced Linux servers running Apache (per year) - advancehost-linux-lb
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