VWSql is an addon for Virtual Weather Station that allows you to store the data produced by VWS into a MySQL database.

The MySQL database can be located on the same machine as VWS, on a local network or even on a remote machine accessed over the internet.

By placing your data on an internet accessible server then it is possible to write your own scripts to access this data dynamically from your web site, allowing you to write such things as "on demand" graphing of your data.

Please note that this product is purely a mechanism to upload your data to a MySQL database and it assumes a basic knowledge of MySQL databases and that you have access to such a database. No assistance is provided for writing scripts to access the data.

The product has a 30 day trial mode after which time you will need to purchase a licence to continue using it. The product can be downloaded here When you purchase VWSql you will need to send us the red INSTALL code displayed on the front screen of VWSql.

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Versions available:
VWSql - VWSql
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