Vortex Storm Chaser Magnet Mount Anemometer

Vortex Storm Chaser Magnet Mount Anemometer
Wind Sensor with digital display, designed for vehicle mounting. Registers wind speeds over 100 mph. Powered by a coin battery for about 1 year of typical (intermittent) use. The anemometer's magnetic mounting kit consists of 2 heavy-duty magnets on an aluminum bracket. Total rated pull strength of the magnets is over 110 lbs. Tested in winds over 115 mph!

The VORTEX Storm Chaser Magnetic Mount Anemometer includes the following:

  • Wind sensor
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Wire and display with connector

    Mount the Vortex Storm Chaser™ wind sensor firmly on your stormchaser vehicle, run the wire into someplace safe, dry, and warm, stick the display where you can easily see it - and you can get a wind measurement without getting wet or pelted by hail or flying debris!

    The Storm Chaser is fully portable, comes with 25 feet of wire and a male/female jack connection, so you can leave the wind speed sensor installed and remove the display when not in use.

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  • Versions available:
    VortexMag - VortexMag
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