Wiseweather Packages

Wiseweather Packages
Mix and match your needs from a choice of services to regularly receive a range of information.

You can take the packages out for any number of months and can amend or alter your choices monthly (one weeks notice required for changes to take effect) as new services come online or your needs change.

Your choices are as follows

A full & detailed specialised monthly local forecast, issued monthly, for your own region emailed to you

A national forecast for the next three month period ahead, issued monthly by email, or available (on a password protected area) on the web

Access to specialist 'week ahead' maps, (these include high transpiration, high wind chill, soil moisture change, large hail risk) issued via the web. Some free versions of these are here

Two free monthly telephone consultations when required. This is a telephone based service (using Wiseweather's ‘JUSTCALL’ service).

COMING SOON Use of the Wiseweather 'METALERT' service. When key criteria of concern are likely to be met in your local area you can be notified by email or SMS, for example, the likelihood of damaging hail, thunder, heavy rain, moderate-heavy snow, high wind gusts or local flooding risk.

COMING SOON Use of the Wiseweather SFLOCWATCH service. An email and SMS based service that notifies you in three stages of the likelihood of thunderstorms in your local area three days ahead, on the same day and within the next hour or so.

Wiseweather's 'NEWS & VIEWS' service. Weather news & updates of interest, product reviews and a regularly updated weather links list, as a web based service.

You will need to fill in the form located here to enable us to record your package choices.

Please note that after filling in the form you will need to pay for the forecast!

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Versions available:
WW Package 1 - Package 1
1 selection per month
WW Package 2 - Package 2
2 selections per month
WW Package 3 - Package 3
3 selections per month
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